Friday, October 26, 2007

Glasgow done, Philadelphia next......

Afternoon Blogger's.
Had my opening at The Arches in Glasgow at the start of the month.
You can check some more images from there on my

Felt a little strange to finally have the exhibition up after it being such a big part of my daily routine for so long. You build yourself up for this one opening that you've foccused on. Then the following week you begin again making work for a new opening almost as if the former one had never happened. It's a marathon not a sprint I'm often told.
The Arches is up until the end of the month if anyone is nearby.
The Arches

Got Philadelphia up next. Exhibiting on the 12th January. Going to get back to doing some drawings for it which is good as the last show was just paint.
So I suppose all I have to do now is raise some funds for the trip.

Speaking of which, got the shop up and running now. So look no further if anyone's feeling an early virtual Christmas shopping spree coming on
gopher store

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