Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ulcer on the offensive!!

Here's the finished composition at last.

I've been able to be a little bit more patient with this one in terms of making a decision on whether it's finished or not.

Alot of the time in the past I've been rushing things and sticking them online when I really could have spent some more time on them.
Having said that, I really could have taken even longer with this one. Then again, there is such a thing as overkill and he is throwing bombs all over the place with a fleet of aircrafts above him. Maybe there is a limit of what you can portray in one picture. What else could there have been? spaceships, flying saucers? German world war two fighter planes(hey, that would have been cool!).

Maybe I could have added little characters hanging out of the window's firing semi-automatci machine guns at him!

Damn it!! maybe it wasn't finished! Then again, what about overkill?

On no, wait....what about vapour trails across the sky? That's it!! I'm away to lie down...............

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