Sunday, October 26, 2008

New screenprints(what you say about that ?)

Okay, here we go. Blog entry!! Hang on, it's first thing on a sunday morning and I've got to put on some music here or my brain may go back into shutdown mode........

That's better.

Does anyone read this I wonder? Never sure how to go about promoting a blogger. Other things like myspace, flickr and stuff, it seems a little easier. Anyone have any ideas? Hang on, that's right. Not sure if anyone reads this so I might be talking to myself. Oh well, that's cool, that's cool.

These are screen prints that I made the other weekend by the way. I've got some other work that i'm working on at the moment which I'm pretty excited about. Skateboarding wrestlers with "vote for gopher" banners. It moves me to be this inspired!

HEY!! These screenprints, want to buy one? Go here- Online store


1 comment:

Concetta Barbera said...

I read it gregor! I am sure david does too...he is an online see me david???

as for promoting advice...i've got no dice. sorry!!!
like the screenprints. :D