Sunday, November 23, 2008

Coffee, TV and Robert Crumbs advice

I find this song kind of important to me.
If you listen to the lyrics then you realise that it is most probably Graham coxon singing about his distaste for the music business. Or maybe just the show business itself and the shallowness of it all.

The art scene can be a little bit like that aswell it has to be said.

I'm now reminded of the Robert Crumb documentary that I watched recently where Cumb was advising his son that he should take up life drawing as it would be usefull for him as it would improve his drawing.
His son replied,
"But you never went to art school or any of that crap and you still got rich and famous."
To which Crumb retorted,
"I'm not talking about being rich and famous son, I'm talking about getting better at drawing."

So very true.

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