Monday, April 20, 2009

First book out this summer....

... going to be focusing purely on my doodles, drawings, illustrations, sketches and scribbles that I do of buildings and other structures. There is also a hell of a lot of telephone lines in there also which for some reason I've became completely obsessed with of late.

I'll be doing an opening for itdown in London this summer. More news on that shortly.

Looking to hire a mini bus so me and the rest of the assorted scottish goons can make the trip south of the border.

Nothing too intense, just the usual posse' of Meth dealers, Benefit fraudsters, Corrupt lawyers, Crackpot artists, Crackpot Musicians, Alcoholic skateboarders.

Hadrian's wall was built for the likes of us.

The Jacobite rebellion would have been proud.


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