Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Objects from my studio: Number 2, Road to Perdition

It seems quite neat and tidy to follow on the last post with this one seeing as "The Road to Perdition" was most certainly influenced by "Lone Wolf and Cub". The centre of both stories being a man and his child.

n fact, Japanese art has long been an influence on Western society. Another perfect example would be the Akira Kurosawa film from the 1950's "Seven Samurai". This was paid homage to in 1960 when director John Sturges made "The Magnificent Seven".

The graphic novel "Road to Perdition" is written by Max Allan Collins and beautifully illustrated by Richard Piers Rayner. Eventually it made it to the big screen when director Sam Mendes chose to make it his follow up movie to the Oscar winning "American Beauty".

Alot of the compositions in the original graphic novel can be seen recreated in the movie by the legendary cinematographer Conrad L. Hall.

The film itself looks amazing but it couldn't have been realised without the initial illustrations in the original graphic novel.

The drawings blow me away and leave me inspired every time. Even now, I want to stop typing this blog and get back to drawing.

In fact, I'd better do just that right now, see you soon people....

On stereo tonight: Blur, 13

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