Friday, June 05, 2009

Book illustration, Streets of NYC

Okay, so this is positivively the last time for a while that i upload any American streets.

I do have other drawings of buildings that aren't from America I promise.

I've even done a drawing of an off licence in livingston that will be included.


Coreopsis said...

Uh...why? What's the matter with American streets. This is a wonderful drawing. I love the wild perspective, but mostly just the building-ness of the buildings (is that a stupid statement or what?)

Gregor said...

Hey Coreopsis,

thanks for the comment.

I LOVE to draw American buildings, I'm totally obsessed with them.

I just want to try and mix it up a bit by doing some different looking stuff.

Yeah, I dig the "building-ness" LOL!!!
Great comment!