Thursday, June 18, 2009


This weeks Illustration Friday.

Promised myself that I'd always do saomething for "I.F." each week and i wasn't going to let things slip just four weeks into my promise. I've just sketched this out tonight fairly quickly. I'd like to have spent some more time on it but I'm really tied with with other illustration gigs at the moment.

It started off as a serious piece where he was supposed to be singing something mournful but then I gave him some lyrics to sing and it turned out quite humourous. Which on this occasion, I like.



karaiwashi said...

a song to the key of...G!!! :)

nice one. :)

Gregor said...

Thanks, i never realised he was making a G chord until i mchecked after your comment.

He totally is!

Michael Cho said...

This is a very nice piece - I love the way you drew the fingers! Your work has a lot of personality and emotion behind it.

Gregor said...

Thanks for the comment Michael!

Drawing hands has long been my achilles heel aswell.