Thursday, July 16, 2009


My entry for hollow.

I based this on a certain well known politician in the United Kingdom.

After recent events, it could be said that the amount of trust that the average UK citizen has for your average politician is now in a state of terminal decline.

We look forward to rediscovering our faith in the people that are entrusted to lead us. Got to happen some time.

Tomorrow is Friday! I love it!!



Burt said...

Nice illo! Great expression.

Gregor said...

Thanks Burt!

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

You may not be able to trust in your politician but you can definitely trust in your drawing skills. Awe inspiring!

Gregor said...

Thanks alisa! that means alot coming from your good self!

Gavin Goo said...

Beautiful drawing! :)