Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Wacom pitch project

This has been a personal excercise I've been doing in order for me to speculate at what my options are for actually producing work that can be used in a commercial sense. 

This is the result so far. Below, is a chance to see how the project progressed from the initial concept to the
final image.
This was my rough starting point. The idea was to give the impression that the wacom user
was creative this highly expressive landscape before him.

Then I added a few building Illustrations to map out the rough lines I'd already made.
Okay, so he'd have to be in space right? Of course he is. Obvious enough assumption to make. Added a few more objects also.

And if we were in space then we were going to need stars, exploding supernova things. Also,
I put in a texture type overlay to give the image a little more something or whatever.
I incorporated some swirls in order to accentuate the idea that the objects were all swirling from one place in a well, swirling fashion. More objects also.

More colour was added....

From it was just a matter of adding as much colour and detail as I felt necessary.
I continued to add a few more overlays and colour effects here and there.
then there was the logo and the text of course.
that was pretty much it. I'll probably return to this over the next few weeks though.

That's the trouble with this sort of thing. 

Where's the end?

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