Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rupert takes to the ropes...

This guy , his son and his now defunct newspaper "News of the World" have been in the headlines a lot due to a phone hacking scandal in the UK which continues to threaten to spread overseas to the grand old U.S of A.

Not his biggest fan but thought he had an interesting face to draw.

It's important to remain impartial at all times when illustrating these characters. every responsible illustrator knows that.

Still, He does have a kind of weather beaten look about him which I can only assume is due to him having a rough night after collapsing in the street due to a sudden attack of Botulism poisoning which would have clearly led him to have to crawl around in a back alley while racked with fits of projectile vomiting, grabbed by vicious cops and whipped on the shins with night sticks, then locked in the a drunken cell of the local jail where he was abused all night by intoxicated wino's.


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