Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Corporations are people too my Friend...

 This is  my response to the now infamous statement that U.S. Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made a couple of months ago "corporation are people".

I'm not sure that anyone is quite sure what he meant by that. I think the gist of what he was getting at was that it doesn't matter that a billionaire with a high stake in a corporation only has to pay 15% on their capital gains tax(which is the money they make from basically doing nothing)  while the average family pays more than  double that amount because "there people too". So therefore, the money goes straight to "the people". Or maybe the corporation give it straight back to the people?

No. Even after writing all this down, I still don't get it.

Here's the footage below in case you want to try and make sense of it.
Corporation are People


JaneA said...

I like how you've made the 'corporation person' such an alien life-form, which of course, they are. Great illustration!

Gregor said...

Thank Jane.

Yes, just finished watching a documentary called "The Corporation" where they ask the question If a corporation is a person then what kind of person is it. They go through this whole process of analysing it's behaviour and in the end, the verdict is "Psychotic".

Really well done. You should watch it. It's on you tube.