Sunday, May 06, 2012

Disney, Hollywood Studios versus the Inner Whiner

I never really expected to enjoy the Florida Disney parks as much as I do.

Infact, in my younger days I was dead against the idea of them. Why, I'm not quite sure. I think my opinion was that it was the epitome of phony corporate America that only existed in order to convince us that our own 9-5 lives were actually sane in comparison or something like that.

Wow, wasn't I the young hotshot thinker. I think I was more of a grumpy old man at the age of nineteen that I'll probably be by the time I'm old enough to be considered a grumpy old man.

It's odd to walk around these parks though.

I could still hear the nineteen year old version of myself ranting away somewhere.

"Grr, what is this corporate crap. Look at us all, might as well be on conveyor belts as we're ushered around so we can throw what pitiful amounts of money that we earn at this gigantic great monster that is "Disneyland". What are we? Mindless robots?".

Thankfully though, we don't always have to listen to his crap. What a bore.

Anyway, being an Illustrator, it's kind of hard not to be captivated by much of what these parks have to offer. Even though I've always been more Looney Tunes, Warner Brothers than Silly symphonies, Walt Disney.

 Awesome mural.
 This was for me, the best part.
 Wow, just wow.
 When sketches become finished illustrations, they definitely struggle to contain the original energy that is initially captured by the pencil.
 I think these are production images from "The Incredibles". May be wrong though.
 Close up.
Don't know what movie this one's from. Still the mutts nuts though...
Finally, a special mention for Andrew's t-shirt. "Andrew Chung, his t-shirt collection is cooler than yours."

So that was "Disney, Hollywood Studios".  What I want to know is, when do the Studio Ghibli theme parks open? Would kick Mickey's ass all the way back to Fantasia. 

Yeah! Damn Disneyland!  

I mean Walt Disney couldn't even draw, accused his employees of being communists when they asked for a raise, rant, shout grrrrrrrr... "

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